Analytics unlock business value

Built-in analytic capabilities measure the impact of your collaborative efforts. Dashboards and tools provide real-time feedback and actionable insights into the topics and trends driving activity within your Socialcast community.

Social Business Intelligence

Get an in-depth look into trends and user adoption patterns to help you create plans to increase engagement and drive up membership in your Socialcast community. Track trending topics and conversations, monitor employee activity and identify key contributors to get more out of your community efforts.

Intelligent Recommendations

Socialcast surfaces people or groups based on your activity, projects and roles. By surfacing relevant information, Socialcast connects users with the people and the information they need to work effectively.

User Roles

By tracking user logins, activity, levels of participation, and individual member influence, Socialcast helps you identify the leaders and power brokers in your Socialcast community.


See community activity at-a-glance to help you visualize the dynamics driving adoption and engagement over time. Track trending topics, people, adoption rates, and more to ensure you see the results you expect from your Socialcast community.