A better way to work

Socialcast is the secure enterprise social networking platform that brings people, conversations, and projects together in a single place. With business applications pulled directly into Socialcast, people can instantaneously share information, accomplish more, and work better together.

Socialcast Reach

Socialcast Reach makes it easy to embed social collaboration directly within your intranet, Microsoft® SharePoint®, CRM, Help Desk, HR, and other business systems. Reach allows administrators to create unlimited discussion modules, recommend buttons, trends extensions, and more that push and pull data seamlessly between Socialcast and other business systems.

Microsoft SharePoint Integration

Using Socialcast Reach extensions breathe new life into Microsoft SharePoint sites by adding a social layer to documents, corporate events, company policies and communications. Put conversations in context with the information, documents, and images stored on the intranet, surfacing valuable content that may not have been visible to everyone in the organization.


Socialcast REST APIs provide programmatic access to all of the functionality available on Socialcast. Enhance Socialcast to make your community more engaging, and surface community dynamics in new and interesting ways. Create applications in any programming language and take advantage of the OAuth 2.0 authentication protocol for increased security.