Communicate seamlessly, in real time

Add your voice, make a contribution, and engage in the flow of ideas within your team and across the company. Share information instantly and privately with one or more colleagues. Keep your discussions organized in one place and protected so you can stay on top of what’s happening.

Track conversations

Activity Steams display the flow of work as it is happening, including files, videos, photos, and messages. Create a centralized, highly efficient source for updates and key information.

Communicate instantly

Private Messages let you send secure, real-time messages to individuals or groups in the Socialcast community. Say goodbye to email.

Stay synchronized

Socialcast Messenger extends the functionality of Private Messages to the Apple® iPhone® so all your work-related messages are captured securely in one place.

Anywhere, anytime

Socialcast mobile apps make sure that everything you need to get work done is in one place, accessible from anywhere, on any device.

Get answers faster

Socialcast is a modern way to engage with colleagues, get questions answered fast, find information quickly, and get work done faster.

Say “Thanks”

Socialcast Thanks lets you recognize the contributions of co-workers as they happen. Send a Thanks to publicly acknowledge outstanding performance by individuals or groups.

Share ideas

Discuss your ideas with your team or the entire company. Add a poll to get instant feedback and take action on the best ideas.