New ways of doing business


Archant specializes in print and online publishing and is one of the UK's largest independently owned regional media businesses. Archant, who traces its roots back more than 160 years, was ready to stage a shift in mindset that would bring a highly professional, but traditional group of journalists, into 21st century communications to support a more modern, open, and collaborative way of doing business.


The Socialcast community dubbed “Connect,” immediately flattened the organization. Connect made it possible for any employee to follow or engage with executives they might not otherwise have had the opportunity to interact with on a day-to-day basis. Broadcast messages reach people more effectively than email. Socialcast creates more connectedness—teams solve problems and develop strategies faster, resulting in successful launches, new deals, new types of advertising, and more.

  • Teams previously unconnected now share information and solve problems 
  • News of key sales wins boosts morale and creates healthy competition
  • By posting questions in Socialcast, employees receive answers faster
  • Great for hiring. “Digital natives” expect to have tools like Socialcast “Connect”
  • Socialcast is easy to use, and requires very little training