Improving lives through innovation


With a vision built on innovation, Royal Philips Electronics strives to create a culture in which 128,000 people spread around the globe feel and work like a small, nimble team of interdependent workers with shared goals. To achieve this, employees needed a better way to find likely collaborators, and to quickly locate the right sources of information.


Philips’ Socialcast network, dubbed “Connect Us,” makes employee-to-employee connections and conversations transparent and easy. Today more than 40,000 Philips employees actively engage in the Socialcast community, helping spur innovation through the exchange of ideas, access to project details, and alignment on goals.

  • Socialcast “Connect Us” has grown from 7,000 to more than 40,000 members
  • Questions asked, anywhere in the world, receive answers within minutes
  • Adding Socialcast into business systems surfaces previously trapped information
  • Analytics allow managers to interpret community dynamics and trending topics
  • Crowd-sourcing generates hundreds of ideas for aligning people with purpose