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Give your business systems and data a voice in your social network

The Socialcast Integration Engine includes the user friendly setup of Reach along with the most robust APIs available and adds the NEW Community App Manager to securely, socially enable your systems.

Reach Version 3

Quickly build extensions to integrate with any business system that accepts a HTML/Javascript snippet so social conversations live in any system and are updated in real-time.

  • Easily connect SharePoint, CRM, ERP, PLM, HCM, Intranets and wikis
  • Add community trends, social recognition new embeddable buttons
  • Deeper, richer integrations dynamically display content from the host page

The NEW Community App Manager

  • Create a custom app store for your Socialcast network
  • Securely and quickly build apps on the Socialcast platform
  • Pass data between app and the Socialcast platform using OAuth 2.0
  • Give IT fine-grain control to manage access to apps by individual users or app

Socialcast REST API

  • Create even deeper social integrations with custom developed business systems.

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