Administration made easy

From initial setup to daily administration, managing your Socialcast community is easy. With enterprise-grade administrative tools, admins and IT have full control of your Socialcast community, ensuring that it meets industry, government and company policies and regulations.

Administrator Panel

The Socialcast Administrator Panel provides login access and administrative functions making it easy for administrators to set up, run, and maintain their Socialcast community.

Content Administration

Socialcast provides a number of tools for admins to manage community content. For example, administrators determine which message types can be published in which streams, define message classification categories, create profanity filters, view, modify, and delete private groups and the messages within groups.

Data Migration

Socialcast provides tools for importing data from other enterprise social networks – regardless of whether these communities are free communities or paid. Companies can migrate all the information captured in a non-Socialcast private social networking community to Socialcast without any loss of data.

Message Audit

Socialcast administrators can follow or audit a message posted in their community, even when not interacting with the conversation. Any time an interaction happens with that message, an email is sent in real-time showing the interaction that took place.

Broadcast Messages

A community administrator can send announcements to every community member with the broadcast messaging feature. Broadcast messages send an email alert to every member of the community even if they’ve turned off email notifications.