Manage projects with less effort and better results

Forget spreadsheets, meetings, and emails to get work done. With Socialcast Projects, you and your team members can easily set objectives, define what needs to happen, assign owners and due dates, and track progress.

Social Project Management

Socialcast Projects provides project management capabilities that allow teams to keep track of deliverables and action items by leveraging the power of a social network. Socialcast Projects connects team members to what’s going on, complete with project files, status reports, and shared timelines.

Project-specific workspaces

Socialcast Projects lets you organize everything you are working on into distinct workspaces. You can easily move from one project to another and quickly zero in on what needs to get done.

Real-time notifications

Good collaboration emphasizes communication over process. Socialcast Projects instantly notifies team members so they can stay up to date, and take action if required.

People-centric views

Quickly filter deliverables and due dates for anyone on your team with one click so you can see what everyone is working on.

Task Timeline

See the tasks you need to do today, and what is queued up for tomorrow.