Security and compliance for peace of mind

Socialcast provides a comprehensive set of security and data integrity features to keep your community data safe and in compliance with company policies and industry regulations. Many companies within highly regulated industries, such as healthcare, financial services, and government trust Socialcast as their social platform.

Automated Account Provisioning

Sync Socialcast to your LDAP V3 compatible server to quickly create and remove employee accounts. Automated account provisioning simplifies the work of IT while keeping your network secure.

Single Sign-On

Socialcast SSO is a quick and easy way to onboard new users. Once users log in using a supported SSO connection, they will automatically be provisioned with new Socialcast accounts and have instant access to the community.

Password Policy

Create a password policy to meet your security requirements. For communities that do not use LDAP or SSO to authenticate users, community administrators can create custom password policies to comply with company security requirements. Administrators can also reset passwords globally at any time, and determine when passwords expire.

Audit Search

Socialcast administrators can follow or audit a message posted in the community, even when not interacting with the conversation. Anytime an interaction happens with a particular message, an email is immediately sent to the admin showing the interaction that took place.

IP Range Restriction

Network administrators can restrict access to designated IP ranges, preventing unauthorized access to confidential information in Socialcast.

Legal Compliance

Socialcast provides data retention and purge controls. These tools allow you to purge data if you choose, at intervals you select, and also export data for backup and archival purposes.

Manage Attachments

Administrators can prohibit users from attaching files to conversations based on the extension. Administrators may add as many prohibited file types as desired (such as .doc, .eps, .xls, and .pdf) and may reverse this setting at any time.

Profanity Filter

Community administrators can define a list of "banned" words that, if typed, will not appear in the community. In their place, asterisks will appear.