Measure, evaluate and optimize

Continuous improvement is the key to maximizing the business value of your enterprise social network. Our data specialists and consultants analyze your company’s usage of Socialcast, to show you what the platform is contributing and recommend strategies for enhancing participation and driving business results.

Through advanced analytics and statistical evaluation, our team of experts assesses the experience of your Socialcast community—providing feedback and actionable insight into the activities and information-sharing taking place. Our proprietary Collaboration Framework lets you measure and assess:


  • Community growth, adoption, and engagement over time
  • Departmental units with the most community members
  • Trending topics and people
  • The most commonly used tags and topics
  • The most active individuals and contributors

Each month, you receive a detailed report highlighting these and other important metrics. Our client success managers, coaches, and data scientists review key trends and recommendations, and then work jointly with you to promote desired community behavior and increase engagement and collaboration.