Create an engaged workforce for an innovation advantage

Move information throughout your organization faster than ever before by opening the lines of communication between people, business systems, and teams using Socialcast. Accelerate the flow of information that turns ideas into innovation.

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Improve everyone’s productivity

Keep people in touch with the ideas, information, and resources they need to be successful. Socialcast brings multiple flows of information and activities into a live, searchable online workspace, breaking down silos that can stifle ideas and create “work about work.”

Random House, the world’s largest print and digital trade book publisher, uses Socialcast as a real-time platform for improving employee communication. Email had become an ineffective way for keeping employees informed and involved. With Socialcast, Random House employees have greater choice and control over the information they consume. By "following” people, systems, or projects, employees are notified immediately as things change. The result is less email, faster response time, and greater visibility into what’s happening.

Accelerate innovation

Tap deeper into the passions, imaginations, and ingenuity of your workforce. Socialcast allows employees to ask questions, share ideas, and find others who can help them do their jobs better; all of which improves agility and engagement.

Royal Philips Electronics, a diversified global health and well-being company, launched a social community in April of 2010. Connect Us unites tens of thousands of employees across the globe in sharing ideas and improving business practices. Specifically, Connect Us was built to help generate pride amongst employees, strengthening Philips’ position as one of the world's leading employers. Connect Us stimulates conversation and sharing among employees around the world, accelerating the flow of information, and creating a unified global workforce.

Find experts

Uncover hidden talent across the organization. By removing hierarchical barriers to communication and knowledge sharing, Socialcast helps people find and connect with experts in real time.

SAS, a leading provider of business analytics software and services, uses Socialcast as part of a commitment to develop innovative ways for employees to connect and collaborate. As a knowledge-based organization, SAS uses Socialcast to get knowledge out of the minds of employees and into the corporate community where it can be shared and discussed across different organizations and locations. Known as The Hub, the Socialcast community within SAS has become a place for discussions and getting questions answered from anyone in the company.


Work better together

Align executive teams, managers and employees in a common vision. By allowing teams to connect around initiatives and projects, Socialcast creates clarity about which tasks each person needs to focus on, why, and by when.

Royal Philips Electronics, a diversified global health and well-being company, uses Socialcast to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing around the world. The social community, Connect Us, has become a valuable resource for getting questions answered quickly and efficiently—on average, questions posted receive three answers. Socialcast also helps foster intra-departmental knowledge exchange; 25% to 38% of answers are provided from outside the questioner’s department and job function.