Unlock the flow of information to empower employees

Socialcast lets HR teams speed the flow of information, enabling employees to quickly find the resources and expertise they need to be successful. When staff members can easily engage with communities, they gain a better understanding of their roles, how they fit in, and why their work makes a difference.

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Get new employees up to speed faster

New employees face a steep learning curve in most large companies. Socialcast helps companies boost organizational productivity by accelerating the pace at which new employees can get up to speed, understand their role and purpose, and find the resources they need to be successful.

A high tech company is experiencing rapid growth at its Palo Alto, California headquarters. New employees receive a full day of orientation training and are then turned loose on an expansive campus of more than 3,500 people. Addressing new hire questions using email was becoming unwieldy and ineffective—not surprisingly, the Human Resources team was answering the same questions over and over again. In 2010, the HR team created the “New to (company name)” group on Socialcast as a way for new employees to interact on a more personal level with HR and each other. Since new hires often have the same types of questions or problems, the group became a comprehensive repository of answers to new hires’ commonly asked questions. It also created a dynamic exchange of ideas, and has helped to identify and correct weaknesses in the new hire process. The HR team is not only more efficient, but has been able to ensure a better on-boarding experience and faster time to productivity for new people at the company.

Increase employee engagement

Many employees in today’s fast-paced workplace feel the stress of “information overload.” Socialcast creates online communities that make it easier for employees to access information, engage with experts, and collaborate with team members.

After an internal survey of engineering employees at a high tech company revealed a desire for more definitive direction on the company culture, the CEO decided he needed to craft a new set of values for the company. Instead of hiring a consulting firm, he chose the crowd-sourcing path. He created a draft mission statement and company values and presented it to employees at a Company All Hands meeting. He then invited employees to give feedback via a public group in Socialcast. More than 800 employees joined the group and a robust conversation ensued. In the months that followed, close to 100 unique threads were initiated by other leaders and group members, and thousands of likes and comments were posted. He watched and participated in the dialogue and used the feedback he gathered to craft a final set of Company Values statements reflective of the core ideas expressed in the group. The company's employees have enthusiastically adopted representative and authentic values statements as a result of this process.

Improve learning & development

HR teams face a steep challenge in helping employees stay current in their knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their jobs. Socialcast puts knowledge at the fingertips of employees in the context of performing their jobs or solving problems for more effective learning.

Because it isn’t economically feasible to send dozens of designers and marketers to retail and apparel tradeshows, VF Corporation sends just one. With a mobile phone in hand, the designated “roving reporter” spends the day taking photos and capturing the newest trends, fabrics, and styles to share with everyone at all VF brands. The result is a “virtual tradeshow” and learning experience, giving brand managers real-time insight to new trends.