Communicate more effectively across the entire organization

With Socialcast, critical internal communications can be organized through a single centralized forum, with opportunities for immediate feedback and real-time conversation. Instead of feeling remote and disengaged, employees gain a reassuring sense of connection, inclusion, and alignment.

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Connecting executives to employees

In a constantly changing market landscape, companies need a true “open door” environment to foster strategic alignment, direct communication, and deeper engagement. Socialcast brings executives and employees together in a real-time conversation.

General Motors uses Socialcast’s Town Hall to conduct large-scale discussions between executives, company leaders and employees around important topics. Recently, more than 1,000 users joined a Town Hall regarding benefits and compensation, directly interacting with leaders. Rather than putting leaders on the spot, burning questions are thoughtfully answered in writing. These answers are archived and available for the entire organization to review at any time.


Keep employees up to date

Broadcasting important company communications through email Is not always effective. Unlike email, communication within the Socialcast Activity Stream enables immediate feedback and real-time conversation, helping executives diffuse rumors, clarify information and notify employees of policy changes.

Over the past decade, Nokia has evolved its internal collaboration strategy from forums and wikis to SharePoint and Socialcast. Today, more than 14,000 Nokia employees use Socialcast daily to facilitate communication and collaboration across a global workforce. On his first day, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop used Socialcast to ask employees: “What things should I change? What things should stay the same? What issues might I miss as I get to know the company?” Socialcast provides executives with a powerful tool to engage with employees and to get a pulse on attitudes and opinions.