Unify people, information and processes across the enterprise

Socialcast facilitates communication and collaboration using familiar social tools, resulting in a more connected enterprise. By unifying multiple flows of information into a secure online workspace, teams email less, meet less, and spend less time searching for information.

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Faster answers to technical questions

Routine questions can create repetitive work for IT staff. Socialcast enables a searchable knowledge base that helps users resolve minor problems quickly and without IT intervention.

At a publicly traded technology company with annual revenues exceeding $3.5B, the transition from company-paid cell phones to reimbursed plans called Bring Your Own Mobile (BYOM) created a lot of confusion for employees. Thousands of employees had questions about the BYOM rules and policies. They set up a special BYOM group inside Socialcast for posting and answering questions. Employees posted their experiences and suggestions for others, and IT monitored the group for technical issues. Ultimately, the BYOM group in Socialcast eliminated thousands of potential Help Desk tickets and created a knowledge base of relevant information for the entire company.

Get more out of SharePoint

Documents stored in Microsoft® SharePoint® can quickly stagnate and are difficult to find. Socialcast adds a secure social layer to SharePoint, enabling people to easily share and discuss content with colleagues and team members.

Humana, a leading health benefits company, uses Socialcast to maximize their investment in SharePoint. By adding Socialcast Reach extensions to various internal SharePoint sites (Help Desk, Innovation, Event Planning, Corporate News, Executive Communications, etc.), employees can link directly to SharePoint resources from within the Socialcast Activity Stream. Content and information are no longer kept in closed silos, but are easily shared across the company, creating new levels of discussion and collaboration.

Socialize business applications

Business applications that automate one departmental function such as Sales or Customer Services don’t necessarily benefit other departments, resulting in informational “silos.” Socialcast unifies these various departmental systems into one streamlined flow of work.

Humana uses Socialcast to add social capabilities to internal business systems making it easy for employees to communicate and collaborate in the applications they use every day. Humana recognized that when implementing a new social networking system, employee participation is key—so the system had to be easy to use as well as useful. Out of 28,000 Humana employees, approximately 19,000 have joined the Humana social community without any formal training, and almost 500 employees sign up each month.