Translate sales intelligence into customer value

Give sales teams better account intelligence and instant access to experts, in the office and on the road. Deeper collaboration helps sales teams close business faster while providing customers with better service and responsiveness.

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Stay on top of the competition

Sales teams can spend too much time identifying and tracking down competitive intelligence. Socialcast helps sales teams to share insight, intelligence, and best practices.

A Fortune 100 retail company that has created a Socialcast community where employees, store managers, and district managers can quickly share competitive intelligence while in stores with their mobile devices. Intelligence about products, marketing tactics, merchandising, promotions, or variations in inventory at the local level are gathered and posted to the community. The result is a rich, interactive image library of competitive information that is continuously updated and instantly accessible. Combining this field intelligence with sales data and corporate goals allows headquarters to quickly get instructions to local stores on how to change displays or other responsive tactics.

Improve collaboration to close deals

Create visibility across the organization to help pull together winning sales strategies. Socialcast allows sales reps to engage experts and resolve roadblocks quickly.

Socialcast exposes detailed individual profile information, helping each member understand the expertise of everyone in the community allowing PSI to maximize the use of everyone’s skills and experience.
—Marie-Laure Curie, Deputy Director of Learning and Performance for PSI


Manage accounts more effectively

Keep the entire sales and support team up to date with account activities. Socialcast lets reps quickly share changes in account status, providing important history and context for proposing new solutions or solving issues.

According to an April 2012 Forrester survey of IT leaders, a social business layer that is connected to a CRM system could be a perfect mechanism for providing information to a salesperson in time to drive the right decisions regarding the approach.